Top 10 Controversial Organisations

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Top 10 controversial organisation
Not all of these are inter-governmental organisations, one is a cartel. Yet the commonality among them is the controversies that surround them. Following are world's controversial organisations:

United Nations

Formed in 1945 at the end of World War II, UN aims to stop war and bring peace. Did it achieve lasting peace? Above all, is it really neutral? The third world countries call it a lap dog of U.S. which approves the actions of U.S. The U.S., on the other hand, had seen bumpy relations with UN, at one even calling for probing of American citizens working in UN. For them, UN would (and does) hinder any U.S. move for its security relations.


Formed in 1949, North Atlantic Treaty Organisation is a military alliance among states that pursued a mutual defence against external enemy. This enemy was ... the Communist Soviet. So the response to it then was creation of a Warsaw Pact - an alliance among Eastern Europe and Soviet Union against the West. In its present form, it is involved in Afghanistan on the ground. It is not liked for promoting America's "imperialism."


Abbreviated for Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries, OPEC provides a get-together among oil exporting countries. Where there's oil, there's controversy. OPEC has set a ceil (a quota) for every member state to export oil. That is, state X can not export more than Y million barrels a day. So the supply from OPEC is sustained - even when you are queuing along the petrol stations. In fact, the reason why you queue along is, some might say, because of OPEC. In 1973, it stopped supply to West resulting in fourfold increase of oil prices.


World Trade Organisation - an organisation that draws millions of detractors and supporters - was formed in 1995. Just like two states would go for bilateral trade, a region for regional trade, WTO sets trade rules all across the globe. It promotes free market - that is the whole world will be a market working on supply and demand curve. Critics would say that by this rule, a rich would get richer and a poor, poorer.


G-8 isn't "Gang of Eights" who would impose their decisions on the world but "Group of Eight" industrialized countries. Since they are the rich countries, they are blamed for the existing poverty in the world, notably Africa, for global warming, for globalization with negative attributes.

The two forums - WEF and WSF

World Economic Forum was formed in 1971 to discuss the major economic and social challenges of the world. It likes globalization - so anti-globalists hate it. In 2001, a World Social Forum, an anti-globalization forum, was created.


International Atomic Energy Agency was established as an autonomous organisation in 1957 to make the world free of atomic bombs, but not atomic energy. Today, it reports to UN. Did it achieve atom peace? States were found duping IAEA by delaying tactics and mock sites.

World Bank

An international bank, WB provides support to developing countries to reduce poverty. Sounds philanthropic ... isn't it? The bank doesn't assist just for the sake of assistance. It has its policies and plans, which, critics argue, is like imposing policies and plans.

International Monetary Fund

It oversees the global financial system and protects the international trade. It provides money to the member states to recuperate with deficits.

Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development

OECD, formed in 1948, aimed to promote free market and representative democracy - which, many would conclude, are the two pillars to achieve peace. The criticism targeted against it the criticism targeted against free market.
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